What Is A Labor Agreement

In the event of the termination of a branch, representative or other structural part of an organization located in another region, employment contracts with staff members of that structural organization are terminated in accordance with the rules of termination of employment contracts in the event of the dissolution of an organization. The construction, reconstruction, technical redevelopment of production facilities, manufacture and introduction of new equipment or introduction of new techniques are not permitted, unless, as a result of the State`s review of working conditions, there has been evidence that the projects covered in the first part of this article meet the requirements for labour protection. In cases where a worker`s requirement to terminate an employment contract (voluntary resignation) is due to events preventing the worker from continuing to perform work duties (retirement, registration in an educational institution and other cases) and, in cases of violation of standard laws and other legal laws, which contain standards of labour law, clauses, agreement or employment contract by an employer, the employer must terminate an employment contract within the time set by the worker. The location and conditions of payment for non-monetary wages are defined in the collective agreement or employment contract. Article 383. The procedure for dealing with labour disputes The procedure and the amount of compensation for business travel are defined in the collective agreement or in the local rules of the organisation. The amounts of allowances must not be less than the amounts set by the Government of the Russian Federation for organizations financed by the federal budget. The worker`s refusal to perform the work in the event of a danger to his life and health because of the violation of health and work requirements, or where there is work or strenuous work in harmful and/or dangerous working conditions that are not stipulated in the employment contract, does not result in disciplinary responsibility. The government guarantees workers the protection of their right to work in conditions that meet the requirements of labour protection. Persons who have entered into employment contracts with organisations in the Far North and equivalent regions and who have arrived from other regions of the Russian Federation under these contracts receive the following guarantees and allowances at the employer`s expense: Article 171.

Guarantees for workers working in unions and labour dispute committees In cases where it has been established by court that a civil contract effectively regulates the labour relationship between the worker and the employer, the provisions of labour law apply to these relationships. The employer is a natural or legal person (organization) that has a working relationship with the worker. In cases defined by federal law, another subject with the authority to enter into employment contracts may act as an employer. The working conditions of workers sent to work, represented by the Russian Federation abroad, are defined in employment contracts that must not deteriorate working conditions in relation to this code.