Sidewalk Toronto Plan Development Agreement

This plan paves the way for an innovative aquatic community The next important decision point for Waterfront Toronto`s Quayside project is expected in May 2020. Should the Waterfront Toronto Board of Directors decide to proceed with Quayside, the City`s review and evaluation of the proposal would continue, in accordance with the work plan presented to the City`s Executive Committee in June 2019. City staff, in consultation with municipal services and relevant agencies, would conduct a full review of Quayside MIDP, in conjunction with the corresponding decision of Toronto Waterfront Council, and report to the Executive Committee. Proposals for digital infrastructure will be evaluated on the basis of the city`s emerging digital infrastructure plan. The evaluation would include a rigorous public consultation process and staff report. Public meetings would be held throughout the city and would take place on the Internet. The date of the Quayside report to the executive committee would probably be in the fall of 2020. In addition to notice, Mr. Tumilty stated that Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto have decided to extend the plan development contract until March 31, 2020 to give organizations more time to prepare. The original expiration date was September 30, 2019. Since the draft plan was released, Waterfront Toronto has held public meetings to gather concerns and opinions about developments. City of Toronto creates form and development guidelines (Complete Street Guidelines, City-wide Tall Design Guidelines, Toronto Green Standard, etc.) Sidewalk Toronto is a cancelled urban development project proposed by Sidewalk Labs in Quayside, a shoreline area in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This project was first launched in 2017 by Waterfront Toronto, with the request for development of the Quayside area.

Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. and a sister company of Google, won the bid in 2017. The Master Innovation Development Plan (MIDP) was launched in 2019 through discussions with more than 21,000 Torontonians and aimed to be an innovative reinvention of Toronto`s neglected eastern downtown. [1] In June 2019, Sidewalk Labs submitted the Master Innovation Development Plan (MIDP) to Waterfront Toronto for review. It contained concrete proposals on sustainability, buildings, the public sector, mobility, economic development, affordable housing, social infrastructure, digital infrastructure and data governance. The new agreement with Sidewalk Labs, an alphabet company and sister of Google, clarifies and regulates the relationship between the government authority and the developer, while setting out as part of an innovation and development plan (MIDP) for the site, which would require several separate approvals. The developing MIDP will develop the final development plan for the Quayside neighbourhood and must be approved by the Waterfront Toronto Board of Directors and Sidewalk Labs by September 30, 2019. At the same time, work is underway to reach a final agreement between the two sides, with public consultations to come and the signing of the final agreement next spring. Sidewalk Labs` RFP bid included five-team urban development.