Independent Financial Advisers Agreement

This Customer Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Develop and prepare a recommended financial planning strategy based on your agreed needs and circumstances. To help us provide our investment services, we use a system called Dynamic Planner by Distribution Technology. Distribution Technology is the UK leader in financial planning and distribution technology and has an excellent reputation for market-leading consulting technology. Distribution Technology published in September 2009 in the 100 annual Tech Track Top ratings. Your tool allows us to analyze our clients` level of risk using a series of psychometric questionnaires and give clients insight into the consequences of their decision by creating the expected profits and losses based on clients` risk choices. Please note that you have the option to remove the selected option at any time, and this is when your financial planning service will end with Chapters Financial Limited. This can be revived through additional negotiations. If necessary, get additional information about yourself and your financial situation. We will always agree on the amount of this remuneration and your means of payment before proceeding with your agreed financial programming project. Our order letter and the scope of the work confirm the fees and the specific delivery. We will not calculate you until you agree on how we will be remunerated. Each advice or recommendation we offer will be given after assessing your needs and taking into account your financial goals, your attitude towards risk and any restrictions you may want to set for the type of products being considered.

The investment platforms and product providers we use/recommend provide a variety of technical information about products and laws as well as online tools that allow us to represent the performance of client portfolios and collect other data to support our communication with our clients. This can take the form of information generally available to all financial advisors, such as.B. Instructions for completing application forms, future benefit forecasts, and confirmations of why their products might be suitable for certain people/circumstances. We also have access by phone and e-mail to technical support services that allow us to discuss possible solutions to particularly complex customer situations and request tax calculations. * We will regularly remind you of the importance of financial auditing, but it will be up to you each time to decide if you need an audit. This is our standard customer agreement that we want to rely on. For your own benefit and protection, you should read these terms carefully before signing them. If you do not understand a point, please ask for more information.

Our standard service can be customized to meet your specific financial planning needs and typically includes:- Once the first solutions are established, it is important to regularly review your financial planning, as your life and wealth evolve, adapt and modify your strategy to reflect your evolving aspirations and needs. . . .