Approved Publication Agreement

Support-reporting with Tradeweb APA provides investment firms with an effective way to fulfill their post-trading reporting obligation using merchant connectivity. Investment firms that have registered for assistance-reporting can submit their transactions to Tradeweb APA for publication, supported by a significant number of portfolio sales companies representing a significant percentage of the volume of transactions outside the OTC trading portfolio. In order to allow investment firms to retain control of their own reporting obligations, Tradeweb provides report assistance customers with an interface that allows them to verify, modify and cancel their declared trades when needed. Book: The publication compiled as a collection of chapters of IntechOpen, including the chapter. Chapter: The original literary work created by the corresponding author and each co-author who is the subject of this agreement. The corresponding author obtains written permission to publish people who may recognize themselves or be identified by others (for example. B, case reports or photos). We will also provide access to a pre-trading and post-trading service for bonds, structured financial products, derivatives and emission allowances. The APA (in partnership with Tradeweb) aims to facilitate publication by integrating the deferral and waiver rules into the platform. This ensures that only the appropriate prices and trades are published at the right time. The corresponding author also guarantees and assures that: (i) he has the full power to conclude this publication agreement in his own name and on behalf of each co-author; and (ii) they have the rights and/or titles necessary in and on the chapter to grant IntechOpen, for themselves and for each co-author, the rights and licenses that will be granted in this publication agreement. If the chapter was jointly established by the corresponding author and a co-author, the corresponding author guarantees and ensures that: (i) any co-author accepts the filing, license and publication of the chapter under this publication agreement; and (ii) they are entitled to conclude and engage it, on behalf of any co-author, this publication agreement. The corresponding author has: (i) ensure that each co-author complies with all relevant provisions of this publication agreement, including those relating to confidentiality, performance and standards, as if a party to this publication agreement: and (ii) to remain responsible in the first place for any act and/or omission of any co-author.

7.3 Full agreement: this publication agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding its purpose. It replaces and removes all agreements, draft contracts, contracts, agreements, guarantees, ancillary contracts, declarations, insurance, insurance and obligations of any kind, concluded by or on behalf of the parties, or on behalf of the parties, on this subject.